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Welcome to the Chinook-Kayak club's website

Our club has nearly a hundred members from the greater Montreal area who practice sea kayaking in Quebec as well as in neighbouring provinces and states. The club operates in French, but Anglophones are more than  welcome. Our website contains a calendar established at the spring meeting, bonified all along the season, with activities from April to December. These outings, which are not guided activities but group practice by autonomous participants, are organized by the members themselves. They are for a day, a weekend or even several weeks, and start from the car or from a fixed or itinerant camp. In addition to regular outings, we organize related activities such as an open house, an annual gathering, audiovisual evenings and pool practices. 

Please note that the club does not have any premises or boat stock or equipment. Each member is therefore responsible for acquiring or renting/borrowing a kayak and transporting it to the departure point of an outing. However, the email list allows you to organize the carpooling of participants.

All the dynamism of the club is based on the involvement of its members at different levels, including the organization of outings according to their abilities and interests, and with the support of more experienced members if they so wish. In addition, in a spirit of sharing and mutual support, we also offer all members the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills, at their own pace and in a safe manner.

Whether you have been kayaking for several years or would like to try it this year, we invite you to contact us or register online. You can also attend our spring general meeting in March, which is the starting point of our season.

Sea kayaking in a group is a fantastic adventure that not only allows you to progress in this sport, but also to forge close ties with people whose generosity is matched only by their passion.

Life is beautiful, especially in a kayak!

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